February 8, 2021

Kingston Organic Community Garden

The Kingston Organic Community Garden is a great way to meet people and spend time in nature. The garden has a number of communal beds, where members of the community get together to decide what to grow and share responsibility for caring for the beds.  The produce from these beds is donated to local refugee families. The gardeners often gather on a Tuesday and Friday morning to maintain the gardens and these plots. Please feel free to drop by and introduce yourself during those times.

There are some personal plots at the garden but there is currently a VERY long waiting list for them. If you would like to fill in an application to go on the waiting list please contact kocg@canbap.org

There are compost bins in the garden as well as some outside the fence for people in the local area who want to compost their kitchen scraps. There is also a small variety of herbs growing on the ‘retaining wall’ next to the southside gate. You are very welcome to pop down to the garden with some scissors if you ever need some!